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The Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) is a promising separation technique, where the operational mode equals a multistage extraction, but enables separation efficiencies comparable to packed-bed chromatography processes. This special chromatographic process is advantageous compared to classical packed bed chromatography as two liquid phases and no expensive solid phase, where irreversible adsorption can take place, are used. This results in intensive mass transfer and high capacities.

During CPC operation one liquid phase of a biphasic system is hold stationary inside the rotor or chamber cascade, respectively by centrifugal forces, while the other phase is pumped through the chambers. Injected components distribute between the two phases corresponding to their partition coefficient and elute at different times. Using solvent systems composed of multiple solvents, the polarity of the phases can be adjusted affecting solubility and partitioning of solutes. Besides the composition of the solvent system, the fluid dynamics is important in terms of separation efficiency. The higher the dispersion of the mobile phase, the higher the mass transport and the higher the separation efficiency. Simultaneously, a good coalescence is needed to avoid stationary phase loss from the rotor and achieve a high retention of the stationary phase inside the chamber cascade. The fluid dynamics in a CPC is influenced by the physicochemical properties of the solvent system such as density, viscosity and interfacial tension and the operating conditions of the CPC, as volume flow and rotational speed.


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By the use of an optical measurement system, the fluid dynamics inside the CPC can be described and analyzed in detail. This is used to improve the understanding of the phenomena occurring during CPC operation


Current research activities

Separation efficiency in dependency of fluid dynamics:

  • Influence of the physical properties of different aqueous-organic solvent system on the fluid dynamics inside a CPC
  • Characterization of the interaction of the influencing parameters on the performance of the CPC

 Contact Person: M.Sc. Felix Buthmann