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The Continuous Centrifugal Extraction (CCE, Patent PCT/EP2012/068999) is a newly developed apparatus for intensifying extraction processes, especially for those with poor phase separation and long phase settling times. The construction of the CCE is based on the Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC), which uses a rotor that consists of several chambers in which one liquid phase is kept stationary by the use of a centrifugal field. These chambers are interconnected with ducts to form a chamber cascade, which in turn represents a chromatographic column. A second liquid (immiscible with the first one) is pumped through this cascade as the mobile phase.

In CCE, both phases are pumped continuously in counter-current direction through the rotor. This is realized by pumping the phases sequentially and using valves, which are installed at the inlets and the outlets of the rotor, to control the interval time. A feed stream is applied in the middle of the chamber cascade and the components of the feed stream distribute, depending on their partition coefficient, in the upper (UP) or in the lower phase (LP), resulting in one extract phase at each end of the rotor. By the use of a rotor consisting of several chambers, a high number of separation steps can be achieved so that even a separation of components with very similar physicochemical properties is possible.


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Set-Up of a new experimental plant using the concept of CCE. Including the implementation of an optical measurement system as well as an automated operation concept.


Current research activities

  • Construction of the CCE rotor
  • Characterization of the operating range of the new plant

Contact Person: M.Sc. Felix Funke