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Announcement RPB Colloquium 2022


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In the chemical industry the demand of more flexible apparatuses and innovative production concepts offering significant improvements in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability increases remarkably in recent years. To meet this demand different approaches basing on the application of alternative or additional forms of energy or on the change and improvement of structural parameters are investigated.

Rotating packed beds (RPB) address both approaches by applying a centrifugal field to improve the performance of mass transfer processes. Advantages are modularity, high flexibility, intense mass transfer and very compact design resulting in potential savings in operation and investment costs.

In Centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) the use a centrifugal field enables numerous chromatographic processes to be carried out without the need for solid support.

Continuous Centrifugal Extraction (CCE) makes it possible to combine the advantages of CPC with a continuous injection mode.  It is a newly developed apparatus for intensifying extraction processes, especially for those with poor phase separation and long phase settling times.


The team consists of co-workers of the Laboratory of Fluid Separations and the Laboratory of Plant and Process Design. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schembecker is the head of the group.